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Book: Holistic Helen

“Why do some wounds heal quickly and others slowly or not at all? Why can we easily solve some internal problems while others feel endless? To heal a wound, we must not run from the pain. To solve a problem, we must not suppress our fears. The intelligence of your body gives you the opportunity to heal yourself. This does mean that you have to take responsibility for your own body and your own life. In other words: you must dare to feel pain and fear.

Holistic healing involves looking at all aspects that make you who you are. Your body, mind and soul are connected and influence each other. For example, your physical wounds can come from mental or emotional wounds. This book shows you in a structured way how you can develop yourself. It shows you how beliefs and blocked emotions affect the vitality of your body and mind. It shows how your fears and repressed traumas affect your current state of mind. It then shows you how to heal yourself by facing your fears, expressing your blocked emotions, and harmonizing your train of thought.

This book gives you the knowledge and the power to take your
development into your own hands. Discover how everything is
connected in holistic healing. Discover how you can regain your
liveliness and happiness. Become healthier, happier and more
aware. Are you willing to walk the path to healing?”

Heal yourself

We have lost pieces of ourselves over the years. Our job is to find your pieces and make you whole again. Your mental, emotional or physical problems will be looked at in a holistic way. Many complaints are related to each other. Symptom relief will therefore not solve the root of the problem. We make sure that the complaints do not come back repeatedly. Avoid surgery. Don't just keep talking about your problem. Solve the problem permanently by looking at yourself as a whole and get to the core.

Holistic Movement ensures that you can heal yourself permanently. You will be given the tools so that you can solve all your problems yourself in the future.

Our job is to get rid of you as soon as possible. We achieve this when you are healed in all areas of your life.


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holistische sessies

Holistic Sessions

A combination of Holistic Personal Training, Coaching and Therapy. We look at you as a whole and work in all areas that make you who you are

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3 maanden traject

3 month mentorship

You may feel better than you feel now. You can get rid of your pain and heal your wounds. You just need to know what to look for.

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holistisch online coaching

Holistic Online Coaching

You may feel better than you feel now. You can get rid of your pain and heal your wounds. You just need to know what to look for. The Holistic Sessions give you the tools so that you can heal yourself.

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“ The calm, very honest and clear approach has ultimately ensured that I have started to see my own insights. I find it beautiful and inspiring to see how Dennis has worked. During other session forms in the past I often had the following feeling: “Thank you but this is not quite it.” During Dennis' Holistic Session I realized within 1 second, I can stop my play immediately because he has figured me out . Super confrontational, scary but what you need if you want to grow in life."

“ The coaching I received from Dennis was direct and sincere. Because of this he provides clarity in what is going on in my life at that moment. The sessions helped me enormously and gave me a sense of appreciation for myself. This is something I am grateful to him for and continue to reap the benefits. Thank you."

Training Holistic Movement Coach

Become healthier, happier and more aware! And guide others how they can too! Join the Holistic Movement Coach training in September 2022.

Don't just heal yourself, but receive all the knowledge and
experience to heal others too!

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The Holistic Movement Coach training is registered as a registered refresher course at CRKBO.


The Holistic Movement Coach training is registered as an
accredited refresher course at KTNO.


Are you not quite happy? Do you have stress or burnout? Do you have problems with emotions such as aggression and sadness? Or do you have physical complaints such as  intestinal complaints, chronic muscle tension or other symptoms? You've tried everything but nothing really fixes the problem. You may not be satisfied where you are in your life or you may not know where you want to go. You're looking for something but you don't know exactly what.

Holistic Movement helps you to get to the core of the problem. Mental, emotional and physical complaints are treated and healed. We ensure that you heal in a holistic way. We provide an inner transformation so that you can achieve your goals full of energy and vitality. Everything is connected.

Become healthier, happier and more aware.


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