Complaints procedure Holistic Movement

1 - Concepts
In this complaints procedure, the following terms are used with the following meaning:

Complaint: any statement of dissatisfaction with regard to the services of Holistic Movement, which can reasonably be regarded as such, verbally or in writing.

Complainant: the client of Holistic Movement who makes a

Complaints procedure: The procedure used by Holistic Movement
for handling complaints

2 - Applicability
The Complaints Procedure applies to all dissatisfied situations regarding the service of Holistic Movement or other Complaints about the execution of the assignment.

3 - Complaint
A Complaint is understood to mean an expression by a
Complainant which shows that the services of Holistic Movement do not meet the expectations of the Complainant and/or that there are any irregularities in the services. Striving for high customer satisfaction is important to Holistic Movement. For that reason, it is important that negative comments or feelings of dissatisfaction are adequately addressed.

4 - Objective Complaints procedure
The purpose of the Complaints Procedure is to register and handle Complaints in a careful and uniform manner, to search for a suitable solution and, where and if possible, to eliminate the (possible) causes, to prevent repetition by means of taking adequate measures as well as improving the quality of the service. Complaints will at all times be treated confidentially by Mediationhuis.

5 - The Complaints Procedure
5.1 Internal complaints handling
1: Submitting a Complaint
If the Complainant is not satisfied with the service of Holistic Movement or otherwise has complaints about the implementation of the service, the Complainant is obliged to report these complaints to Holistic Movement. Complaints can be reported via with the subject “complaint”. The complaint must be sufficiently substantiated and/or explained by the Complainant if Holistic Movement is to be able to handle the complaint. The complaints procedure can be found on the Holistic Movement website. Each Complaint will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with third parties.

5.2: Notification and receipt of a complaint
The complaint must always be reported in writing to Warmoesstraat 56G, 1012JG in Amsterdam and/or by e-mail to, stating “complaint”. Holistic Movement will register the Complaint internally after receipt and confirm it to the Complainant within 3 working days. Holistic Movement will then read the description of the Complaint. If the Complaint of the Complainant is too brief, Holistic Movement will contact the Complainant to further elaborate the Complaint. If the Complaint is sufficiently substantiated, the Complaint will be handled.

5.3: Complaints procedure
The internal complaints procedure will be conducted first and will take a maximum of 4 weeks. If the Complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved, the Complainant has the option of turning to an external complaints committee to which Holistic Movement is affiliated. If a longer period of time is required to conduct research, the participant must be notified of this within set timeframes, explaining the postponement; moreover, an indication must be given when one expects to be able to give a definite answer.

5.4: Handling the Complaint
Holistic Movement will respond substantively to the Complaint as soon as possible, but no later than 4 weeks after receipt of the complaint. The Complaint will be handled by Mediationhuis. The parties will try to find a solution together.

5.5: Report Complaint
Holistic Movement will confirm the handling of the complaint in writing, at least by e-mail. We will keep a maximum of one year in which the Complaint is expected to be resolved. Holistic Movement will also write a report of the Complaint (handling).

5.6: Control Complaints Handling
After the steps mentioned above have been taken, Holistic Movement will register the customer handling and assess its quality. Any comments, whether or not about the way in which the Complaint has been handled, can be passed on to Holistic
Movement, which Holistic Movement will process in its work

5.7: Close Complaint
If the Complaint has been properly handled, it will be closed. The Complaint can then be processed in Holistic Movement's complaint reports, whether or not in connection with changing existing or taking new measures in order to (further) optimize the services of Holistic Movement. The complainant will receive the report for inspection. Holistic Movement registers the complaints and keeps them for 1 year.

5.8. External Complaints Procedure
If the Complaint is clearly described, the Complainant will be informed by Holistic Movement about the course of the procedure. If the Complainant and Holistic Movement do not agree, Holistic Movement will approach an independent third party Mediation House. They will handle the Complaint. Statement of this independent third party is binding for Holistic Movement. Any consequences will be dealt with within four weeks, if postponement is indicated.

6 - Satisfaction Survey
Holistic Movement can set up a satisfaction survey among all thos involved, so that we can prevent any dissatisfaction. The investigation or the results of the investigation can also be used to make smaller reports of possible irregularities and/or to submit complaints. The survey, consisting of a questionnaire, can be completed by name or anonymously. In principle, the results of these investigations are not shared with the parties involved, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

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