About Dennis

Dennis van Miltenburg


Founder of Holistic Movement
Auteur van The Holistic Journeyen Holistic Healing

Dennis has developed the Holistic Movement Method by studying
and applying unique healing methods and movement forms from
different continents. He also lived for a period in the Amazon of Peru and worked with the plant medicine Ayahuasca. In his work experience he has cured countless individuals of various forms of problems.

His mission is to make everyone healthier, happier and more aware. Herein health stands for the body, happiness for the mind, and consciousness for the soul. He does this by making links between all the information he receives from the person opposite him. He listens to what the other says, he feels what the other feels, but above all, he listens to what the body has to say. The body always speaks the truth. Any healing starts with understanding the aspects involved and then seeing the bigger picture. Sometimes that's enough, and it's always a good start.

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Discover who you are.

Dennis wants to stimulate inner healing by moving the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects that make you who you are. The mental/emotional aspect consists of the connection and integration of the body with the mind.  Through the combination of physical and mental stimuli, fears, traumas and blockages can come to the surface,  which can then be released. During this process you also become more aware of your soul. The soul is the overlapping whole that guides you intuitively. His focus is on empowering the mental, physical and spiritual bonds that make you who you are.

His Holistic Coach and Therapy sessions have helped many clients with physical and mental-emotional complaints. With his Holistic method he goes to the core and ensures that you are seen in all areas. He looks at you as a whole and informs you what is going on inside you. The combination between the awareness and healing of the body, mind and soul ensures optimal growth and development.



  • Holistic Personal Training

  • Holistic Coaching

  • Holistic Therapy

  • Discharge Therapy

  • Bio Energetics

  • Relationship therapy

  • Aggression Therapy

  • Anxiety and Trauma Therapy

  • Mental and Lifestyle Coaching

  • Primal Pattern Training

  • Posture training

  • Facial Release Treatment

  • Injury Recovery and Prevent

Voor whom:

  • Conditioning and Thought Pattern Transformation

  • Anxiety and Trauma Processing

  • Business and couples therapy

  • Depression and Suicidal Tendencies

  • Injury Rehabilitation

  • Vertebral correction

    (hernia and back pain rehabilitation)

  • Organ and Nervous System Problems

  • Weightloss

  • Athletes and Martial Arts Training

  • Strength and Mobility Training

The coaching I received from Dennis was direct and sincere. Because of this he provides clarity in what is going on in my life at that moment. The sessions helped me enormously and gave me a sense of appreciation for myself. This is something I am grateful to him for and continue to reap the benefits. Thank you."

The calm, very honest and clear approach has ultimately ensured that I have started to see my own insights. I find it beautiful and inspiring to see how Dennis has worked. During other session forms in the past I have often had the following feeling: “Thank you but this is not quite it.” During Dennis's Holistic Session I realized within 1 second, I can stop my play immediately because he has figured me out. Super confrontational, scary but what you need if you want to grow in life."

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