About Holistic Movement

Nothing falls from the sky. Every problem started somewhere. If we find out where, we can do something about it. Holistic Movement gives you clarity in this if you have mental, emotional or physical problems. With our work you will discover all aspects of yourself. You learn what makes you who you are and how you can develop yourself from there. It's about discovering what your fears are, what your negative patterns and habits are, and what suppressed emotions lie in your subconscious shadow.

Healing is no miracle. It is well known that the body has the capacity to heal itself. It's a natural feature; a biological program that resides in each of us. Fears, traumas and illnesses do not have to harm us for life. It is often possible to give them a place, even if not fully recover from them. It is not special or miraculous to recover from a mental, emotional or physical complaint; this is a standard process. We also know from psychology that the mind can develop itself by reflecting and contemplating. You learn from your mistakes. You express your emotions so that they are literally out of your system and your wounds heal within a few days, if you do not scratch them open. It is rather special that something does not recover.

Holistic Movement is a therapeutic movement method that works on both the inside and the outside. Mental problems affect the body and physical problems affect mood and thinking. We strengthen the connection between the body, mind and soul. That is why we do not treat you in one, but in all areas. We stimulate inner development and healing through movement of the physical as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that make you who you are.

Our mission is to make you healthier, happier and more aware. Healing and development are the most important aspects of our movement method. As long as we dare to grow, there are new challenges and life lessons we can learn from. Diseases, injuries and mental/emotional complaints have something to teach us. Once we discover the core of this lesson, the physiology and the stream of thought changes. Everything is connected. Healing will take place physically, mentally and spiritually, bringing you into a state of harmony and balance. You return to its natural state and you gain the knowledge and experience to take on new challenges and overcome new fears.

Growth in all areas

Holistic Movement ensures that you grow and heal in all areas. So the idea is to find the root of the problem and fix it. We do this by making connections. We have developed the Holistic Movement Method in which we have combined the philosophy and healing methods of ancient cultures with the techniques and sciences of our time so that you can heal optimally. We use physical movement to overcome fears, process traumas and remove emotional blockages. Your happiness, your health and your awareness is our priority.



Injury Recovery and Prevention
Posture Improvement
Disease treatments
(Organs and glands)
Musculoskeletal Problems
(bones, tendons and muscles)


Depression and Anxiety
Suicidal tendencies
Fears and Traumas
Insecurities and feelings of shame
Business and relationship issues


Emotional Blockages
Shadow work
Energetic Blockages
Dream Realization

The coaching I received from Dennis was direct and sincere. Because of this he provides clarity in what is going on in my life at that moment. The sessions helped me enormously and gave me a sense of appreciation for myself. This is something I am grateful to him for and continue to reap the benefits. Thank you."

The calm, very honest and clear approach has ultimately ensured that I have started to see my own insights. I find it beautiful and inspiring to see how Dennis has worked. During other session forms in the past I often had the following feeling: “Thank you but this is not quite it.” During Dennis' Holistic Session I realized within 1 second, I can stop my play immediately because he has figured me out . Super confrontational, scary but what you need if you want to grow in life."

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