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If you feel that your problems are not being solved, and that your wounds are not healing, it may be because you are not looking in the right place. By working mentally, emotionally and physically, we get to the core faster and we can solve the problems faster

Dennis van Miltenburg
"Dennis has a very calm and at the same time very powerful energy and is very direct in his communication. The knowledge he has gained 'all over the world' (self-taught and eclectic) is valuable and inspiring. He has a good sense of what it takes to really get to your core. The power of it is that it really lets you discover it for yourself. I immediately felt very safe and familiar with him. Last May / June I followed his online holistic personal trainer course. A super instructive and valuable experience, which inspired me to delve even further into this. Dennis is definitely the person who treats and heals your mental, emotional and/or physical complaints together with you."

We look at you as a whole

We look at the connections of your body and mind: we look at you as a whole. In order to fix your problems, we will first undo all the inconveniences. We will work on your general mindset and state of mind, strengthening the mind-body connection. We are going to express the blocked emotions through release exercises. We also make the body more powerful and intelligent so that we can process our fears and traumas with more courage. We do this as follows:

– Find the core of your problem
– Unload the emotions and blockages related to the problem
– Receive new insights and inspirations about yourself
– Make sure the problem doesn't come back
– Integrate the insights and apply it in your new life
– Heal yourself and transform into a better version of yourself


Voor whom:

  • Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Suicidal Tendencies

  • Imbalance in energy and moods

  • Conditioning and Thought Pattern Transformation

  • Anxiety and Trauma Processing

  • Aggression therapy

  • Trauma therapy

  • Addictions

  • Resilience training

  • Relationship therapy

  • Social skills training

  • Vertebral correction

    (hernia and back pain rehabilitation)

  • Organ problems such as intestinal complaints

    (Crohn's disease)

  • Nervous System Problems

    (chronic nerve pain)

What you can expect from a Holistic Session:

  • Improve thought and mood

  • Experience more happiness and peace

  • Creating transformation and breakthroughs

  • Better energy regulation

  • Removing emotional blocks

  • Finding harmony between the body and the mind

  • Going out of the head more and being more in the body

  • Overcoming fears and processing traumas

  • Healing illnesses, injuries and other discomforts


"I had a couple of sessions with Dennis and they were incredibly helpful. He heard me, saw me, and invited me to move towards my power through physical movements that deeply scared me. I felt inspired by his strength, while feeling safe enough in his presence to push myself beyond the physical limits I normally live with. I now feel more solid and powerful in my body, and I am deeply grateful for that. Thank you Dennis! I highly recommend trying sessions with him."


"The calm, very honest and clear approach has ultimately ensured that I started to see my own insights. I find it beautiful and inspiring to see how Dennis has worked. During other session forms in the past I often I had the following feeling: "Thank you, but this is not quite it." During Dennis's Holistic Session I realized within 1 second, I can stop my play immediately because he has understood me. need if you want to grow in life."

Jesper Janssen
Professional Kickboxer, The Abilitytrainer

"The coaching I received from Dennis was direct and sincere. As a result, he provides clarity in what is going on in my life at that moment. The sessions have helped me enormously and gave me a sense of appreciation for myself. This is something which I am grateful to him for and which I am still reaping the benefits. Thank you."


In this therapeutic movement method we overcome our fears, process our traumas and express our blocked emotions. This brings strength, stability and balance to the body, mind and emotions. You will feel more alive and energetic.

These bookings are to work together with Dennis van Miltenburg.

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guide you through the issues you are currently going through. Each of them has a specific expertise with a strong foundation in the Holistic Movement Method.

These Holistic Sessions cost an average of €150 per session.

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