Study material Holistic Movement Training

Two reading books:
- The Holistic Journey (9789463384063) - This book offers the basics of how the body, mind, and spirit are connected.
- Holistic Healing (9789464240238) - Indicates what to look for to get to the heart of a problem.
Three Theory Books:
- Theory book 1: Holistic Movement (Explains how the Holistic Anatomy Chart works and how we can apply it)
- Theory Book 2 - Holistic Foundation (Explains how the Holistic Coaching Chart works and how we can apply it in coaching sessions)
- Theory book 3 - Holistic Development (Brings depth into the coaching process through healing conversations)
- The videos in the platform
- Each chapter and part of the theory book is extensively discussed in the videos in the platform. It is strongly recommended to view it after reading the chapters or parts (depending on the homework)


Bio energetics - Alexander Lowen (9789063252748)
Your brain as medicine - Bessel van der Kolk (9789021565248)
When the body says no - Gabor Mate (9781785042225)
In an unspoken voice - Peter Levine (9781556439438)

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