The Holistic Journey

Who are you really? You are a soul, housed in a body that can then create thoughts with the mind. But how does all this work? How much do you actually know about the body, mind and soul and how are they connected?

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We all come to this earth without a manual. None of us really know the rules of the game of this reality. We are told what to think instead of how to think. I hereby give my personal manual about your body, mind and soul.

It is important that you build a relationship with your body. I'm going to explain to you why you are the way you are, why your body is the way it is. I also tell you why you behave the way you behave and why you feel what you feel. In short, you will discover who you really are. Then I will show you how you can possibly improve yourself, how you can grow. In short, I want you to build a stronger relationship with yourself. You go on a holistic journey through your body, mind and soul.

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