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Become healthier, happier and more aware, and join the Holistic Movement Coach training. The training will start again in January 2023. If you would like to know more about the training or would like to be on a waiting list for 2023, please email us via the button below.

Welcome to the Holistic Movement Coach training, the training that ensures that you can permanently heal yourself and all your clients.

This training has been created to heal mental, emotional and physical wounds in the most efficient way. The Holistic Movement Method is a holistically structured system that ensures that you heal and develop the most profound blockages and wounds as quickly as possible. We make the connections between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

If you really want to help yourself and others heal and develop on a deeper level, then this might be for you. Many methodologies help a little or in the short term. Others need a lot of time. There is no quick fix, but this method is the closest. In this way we all become healthier, happier and more aware.

Holistic Movement Coach

‘You have to give yourself a present every now and then and the Holistic Movement Coach Training was definitely one of them! During a personal trajectory with Dennis I came into contact with his methodology and from my own experience I knew what it can yield. My goal of the course was to also be able to apply this methodology in my work and that goal has certainly been achieved! Clear
documentation, good explanation and space for questions and your personal experience. What I really think is a big plus is that Dennis doesn't push you in a certain direction, he gives you the tooling and freedom to use it in your own way. Thank you!'

Are you looking for:

An efficient way to permanently heal yourself and others?

A positive mindset to lead a happy life?

A way to get rid of stress and tension and have a healthy body?

Want to learn a pragmatic and deeply researched way to heal trauma?

Want to learn a working method that permanently solves physical complaints?

A way that simultaneously heals your own complaints and traumas, making you healthier, happier and more aware?

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The Holistic Movement Coach training is registered as a registered refresher course at CRKBO.


The Holistic Movement Coach training is registered as an
accredited refresher course at KTNO.

Or do you just want to heal yourself?

Instead of following a few sessions with a Holistic Movement Coach, we see that many students start the training because they not only want to heal themselves but also want to improve their own lives. This is of course possible! During the training you will learn everything about how your body works, how your mind works and how you can feel and discharge your emotions. Do you only want to do the Training for yourself? That's totally okay!

Annelotte Rutten

"I think the Holistic Movement Trainer course is an absolute must if you are willing to take a deep dive into yourself. I had just completed an intensive one-on-one course with Dennis. After a long search, this has been such a powerful transformation for me I wanted to learn everything about his method.The course has given me insight into his method in a playful yet profound way.
Dennis guarantees a safe group setting, but is also not afraid to directly mirror yourself with patterns that stand in the way of your growth. He has an exceptional quality to bring this to light in a short time.
If you are looking for an integrated approach to help yourself, but also others, this is certainly a great opportunity."

What you will learn during the training:

  • Learn how we humans work as a holistic whole.

  • Discover which mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects and systems are connected and how they influence each other.

  • Use two pragmatic and efficient Charts that describe the foundation of a holistic human being.

  • Learn how to heal wounds by getting to the root of the problem.

  • Become efficient and confident in conversation and listening.

  • Heal your own wounds and heal your body during the training.

The training lasts on average 5 months and will consist of two ebooks and three online theory books based on the Holistic Movement Method. You will also receive an optional book list that is recommended for reading.

Yoga Teacher

"An education that makes you a richer person.. Dennis teaches you with all his knowledge and beautiful energy to look deeper at yourself and your life. creating a wealth that not only makes you happier, but also much healthier. Chakras start to flow, self-love grows, puzzles fall into each other.. This is not just an education…, it is an education that gives you the key to an even better life for yourself, and then you can pass it on to the other."

Holistic Movement Coach, Yoga Teacher

'Through the Holistic Movement Coach Training, everything I had mastered in recent years fell into place. So beautiful how Dennis brought everything together in his book and in the training. Because I think he lived through everything himself, he knew what he was talking about. The feeling he exudes, in my experience, is not something you learn from a book or following a study, but by living it and living it for it. The training has given me more tools to be able to apply for my own development and in my company when working with young people. Thank you.'

Jaqueline van Dijk
Masseuse, Holistic Personal Trainer

'I recommend this course to anyone who wants to know more about how the body and mind are connected. You learn to look at yourself and others differently, so that stuck ideas/traumas are a thing of the past. Dennis is a very nice and calm person, which quickly creates an "open" atmosphere, even online.'

Holistic Movement Coach

‘I followed the Holistic Trainer Training at Holistic Movement, and I have gained so many insights about my own body! There was room for questions, Dennis took the time for everyone and managed to create a very familiar feeling. He also made himself extremely vulnerable, which made me feel very strongly that all feelings that arose should be there, without judgment. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand more about his/her own body or who is looking for a deeper understanding of your work to help others.'

Holistic Movement Coach
‘I recently completed the Holistic Movement Coach Training. A very nice course, in which you learn a lot. Dennis provides you with many tools that you can apply in your own life, but which you can also use for clients. A very valuable training. I'm glad I followed this one.'
Holistic Movement Coach
'Over the past few weeks I have followed the holistic movement trainer course. I found it a very valuable training in which I learned a lot. Everything was clearly explained and there was plenty of time for questions. There was also a nice, safe group that was open to each other's story. Also your big thanks. Thank you Dennis for this beautiful and valuable training.'

What do you receive for the training?

  • Two charts.
  • Three theory books.
  • Two reading books: Holistic Helen & The Holistic Journey.
  • Homework assignments.
  • Online videos and seminars.
  • Monthly online meetings.
  • Physical meetings.
  • 1 on 1 exercises with other students.

Do you want to heal and cure people in an efficient and permanent way? And do you want to understand how humans work in a holistic way?

  • How would you like to heal yourself?

  • And how beautiful is it that you can also learn to heal others?

  • What could be better than helping people and making them better?

  • If you have the right knowledge for a better result?

  • If you invest in yourself but also in the other?

  • With the Holistic Movement Method we offer you the opportunity to make a real contribution to yourself and others.

Why the training and for whom is it intended?

Dennis van Miltenburg, the founder of the Holistic Movement Method has healed many clients of various mental, emotional and physical complaints in the last 8 years. The method has a wonderful effect, but Dennis only has so much time to heal others. Your contribution is highly desired. His mission is to heal millions. Do you want to share this mission?

In principle, you do not need to have a specific background for this training. Personal Trainers & Coaches, Physiotherapists & Chiropractors, Psychologists & Therapists, Business Managers & CEOs, and many other types of fields and students start this training! Some change direction and others strengthen their current direction for this training. No specific level is required. But the level of the training can be described as HBO work and thinking level. In principle, no prior knowledge is required and all backgrounds are a plus. It's Holism after all! All information needed is in the training. You also get an optional book list, which gives you a broader knowledge.

What do you learn in the Holistic Movement Method course?

In the training you will learn about the collaborations and the
interconnections between the following:

  • Deep connections between the body, the emotions, the mind and the soul.

  • Connections between chakras, consciousnesses and anatomical aspects.

  • A balanced way of living and being, for a powerful energy level.

  • The process of the soul and how it affects every step of healing people.

  • Catharsis and integration.

  • Discharge exercises.

How is the training structured?

The training consists of two reading books and three theory books. You will also receive two Charts that you can use as a map to see how a person works as a holistic way. One of these charts is called the Holistic Anatomy Chart (HAC):

You will then receive an extra list of reading books that may be studied.

First you learn the fundamentals of a holistic body.

You learn how to read a body to see what it needs.

You will then learn conversational techniques so that you can get to
the heart of the problem.

You also learn holistic movement patterns that permanently solve the core of the problem.

These movements are intense but important movements that powerfully connect the body and mind so that wounds can be healed

How are you after the training?

After the training you will have the opportunity to continue with the refresher course (subscription €250 per quarter, can be canceled monthly). You can then appear on the website and attract clients through our system. We take care of advertisement, reach and other promotions. You will work as a Holistic Movement Coach for a minimum of €150 per session. You do not have to pay anything for this if you participate in the refresher course. So you can come and work for Holistic Movement if:

- Holistic Movement Coach
- Researcher for the Holistic Movement Method

You can become a Holistic Movement Coach on the website and
you can immediately start guiding and healing others. As a
researcher you will broaden your own knowledge and also
contribute this knowledge and experience to increasing and
improving the Holistic Movement Method.

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The Holistic Movement Coach training is registered as a registered refresher course at CRKBO.


The Holistic Movement Coach training is registered as an
accredited refresher course at KTNO.

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The training will continue if at least 4 people are registered and there is a maximum of 12 places available. The reason for this is that this way we can give you a lot of personal attention!

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